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#WorkSmarter: Our Productivity Expert Wants To Rescue You From Yourself!

Join Fast Company writer Drake Baer as he takes on your most desperate, pressing productivity woes. The chat starts at 12pm ET on Monday, November 18th--get your questions in now!

Our resident productivity expert, Drake Baer.    
by Anjali Mullany
It ain't easy to be productive in these multi-taskin', multi-channel times. Email, IMs, phone calls, meetings -- they're all clamoring for your attention, all day long. So how do you stay productive -- and sane -- in such a fast-paced world? 

Fast Company writer Drake Baer is here to the rescue! Submit your most pressing productivity questions using the "Make a comment" box below--you can sign in with your favorite social media account. Drake will be joining us right here at noon (E.T.) on Monday, November 18th, chatting with you live.

In the meantime, be sure to read Secrets Of The Most Productive People in our brand new December/January issue -- out today! Highlights include:

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