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What It's Like To Go A Month Without Complaining

Join us Tuesday, March 10th at 11 a.m. for a live Q&A with the creators of the Complaint Restraint Project, Thierry Blancpain and Pieter Pelgrims.

We love to complain. In fact, according to researchwe complain about once a minute during an average conversation. But all of that whining comes with a cost. When we complain, our brains release stress hormones that harm neural connections in areas used for problem solving and other cognitive functions. 

In an attempt to help us curb our complaining habit, Thierry Blancpain and Pieter Pelgrims  created The Complaint/Restraint project with the ambitious goal of creating a more positive life by eliminating negative statements. Their project challenges people to give up complaining for the month of February. 

But is it really possible to go a month without complaining? What technically constitutions a complaint anyways? Join us for a live Q&A with the creators of the Complaint/Restraint project, Thierry Blancpain and Pieter Pelgrims, to find out what life without complaining is like. The event begins Tuesday, March 7 at 11 a.m., but you can get your questions or comments in now using the “make a comment” box below.