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Twitter Goes Public

Join Fast Company from 9am to 5pm ET as we watch Twitter go public Thursday. Fast Company senior writer Ellen McGirt will be taking your questions at 1pm E.T.; University of Notre Dame Finance Professor Tim Loughran will be joining us to answer your questions at 3:30pm ET.

Jack Dorsey's Vine from the floor: "just sitting up our $twtr"
by Anjali Mullany on Nov 7, 2013 at 7:54 AM
Twitter had a pretty decent day today. Its stock went public and shot up to a pretty steady, with the share price hovering in the mid-to-late $40s all day. Twitter opened at $45.10 and closed at $44.90 a share--73% above its I.P.O. price. Who got rich(er) today? The Twitter IPO Player's Club.

So what happens next? Two months ago, Fast Company senior writer Ellen McGirt outlined the five things Twitter needed to do before its IPO. Today, as its IPO day comes to a close, that same list serves as a useful reader for what the newly public Twitter will do next, with new shareholders and investors to keep happy. At the top of the list: Revamp Twitter to appeal to "normals," which includes everyone from your grandmother to your postal carrier. But the task of reinventing itself as a fully mainstream service won't necessarily be easy for Twitter, as Christina Chaey explains here.

Twitter also has its sights set firmly on TV. But can those efforts really lead to a more profitable future for the microblogging service, which despite a high user base has yet to make any profit at all? Ellen McGirt and Nicole LaPorte took a deep look for our November cover story.

Thanks for joining our live coverage today, everyone!
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