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The Truth About Women And Funding: What It’s Really Like And Where Do We Go From Here?

Join Leadership editor Kathleen Davis with Anu Duggal, the founder of FCubed (Female Founders Fund) and Kathryn Tucker, CEO and founder of RedRover, on Friday, March 6th at 11 a.m. ET for a discussion about the state of funding women-led startups.

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The statistics paint a clear and discouraging picture. Women-owned businesses are growing faster than the national average and women-led, venture-backed companies bring in more revenue than male-led companies on average, yet women entrepreneurs still aren’t able to find funding at anywhere near the same level as men.

We’ll talk with Anu Duggal, the founder Female Founders Fund, a firm that invests exclusively in startups with women founders as well as Kathryn Tucker, CEO and founder of RedRover, who has navigated the venture capital landscape as an entrepreneur about why women-founded startups aren’t getting funded and what’s being done to fix the problem.

Join the discussion live on Friday March 6th at 11 a.m. ET by adding your questions and comments below. 

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