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Live Chat!


Live Chat!
[Photo: Reinhard Hunger for Fast Company]

The Hardest Part of Doing Good: A Q&A With Ido Leffler, Founder of Yes To Inc. and Yoobi

Join Fast Company’s Kc Ifeanyi for a live chat with Ido Leffler, founder of socially conscious companies Yes To Inc. and Yoobi. The event starts Friday, September 19 at 12:00 pm E.T.

For-profit companies founded on a social mission face a unique challenge: businesses have to balance bottom-lines with giving back. It’s easy enough to want to make an impact on the world, but how can your company become great at doing good?

Ido Leffler has answers.

Leffler, the man behind natural beauty products company Yes To Inc. and now school supplies line Yoobi, has built successful brands on the base of meaningful social missions. A portion of Yes To’s profits goes toward a “Seed Fund” that has provided 50,000 meals to kids worldwide, while Yoobi operates on a one-for-one model, giving one item to schoolchildren in need for every Yoobi item purchased. 

Before speaking at Techmanity 2014 on Oct. 1-2, Leffler joins us for a live chat to answer your questions about building and fortifying your business and its social mission, as well as cracking the hardest part of “doing good.” 

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