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Live Chat!


Live Chat!
[Photo: Reinhard Hunger for Fast Company]

Live Chat With the Creators of Facebook’s Origami, A Free Tool To Prototype UX

Join Co.Design's Mark Wilson at 2:00 p.m. EST on Friday, February 7th for a live chat with Facebook designers Drew Hamlin and Brandon Walkin as they discuss their new free UX tool, Origami.

This week, the news was dominated by Facebook's new product called Paper, an iPhone app that reconsidered the Facebook feed as a gorgeous collection of gesture-controlled text and images. But to build Paper, Facebook used a secret weapon. They named it Origami, and it's a tool the development team built in-house to rapidly prototype Paper’s unique user interface.

Now, every designer at Facebook is being trained in Origami to quickly mockup up interfaces without the need for coders. But the company has also released it for free for anyone else to use, too. Today, the creators of Origami are joining us to tell you anything you'd like to know about it.

Get your questions in early if you want them asked! Just use the "Make a comment" box below. The chat beings at 2pm ET. And for a brief primer on the software, read this first.  

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