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Live Chat With New School President David Van Zandt

On Thursday, February 26th, the editors of the New School Free Press will interview David Van Zandt, the president of the New School and Parsons The New School For Design. The chat begins at 4pm ET, but you can start submitting your questions now using the "Make a comment" box below.

David Van Zandt
It's a question all leaders face--how do you lead an organization through all its ups and downs? 

David Van Zandt has been the president of The New School and Parsons The New School For Design for four years, shepherding the institution through momentous events like Occupy Wall Street and Hurricane Sandy. (You can read all about his tenure so far in the latest issue of The New School Free Press, here

He'll take your questions about his leadership style (which the New York Times characterized as "driving change through low-key, data-driven discussion and consensus"), as well as questions from New School Free Press student editors, on February 26th at 4pm ET. 

You can start submitting your questions now using the "Make a comment" box below!
    Hello, everyone! Welcome to our live chat with New School President David Van Zandt.

    It’s been just over four years since David Van Zandt joined the New School community, taking over from the controversial Bob Kerrey. A sociologist turned lawyer, David wrote his dissertation about a religious cult, clerked for Supreme Court justice Harry Blackmun, and then served as Dean of Northwestern University’s trailblazing law school for 15 years. Since taking over here, he’s overseen a number of big changes. Our new $350 million University Center has opened. The New School for Drama, Mannes, our classical music conservatory, and The New School for Jazz, have merged to form a new “performance division.” What other changes has the Van Zandt administration made, what impact have they had, and where are we headed next? We hope this live chat will give you an opportunity to ask questions you might not normally have the opportunity to ask. So with that, we turn it over to the man himself. David, the floor is yours.
    by The New School Free Press via New School 2/26/2015 9:01:02 PM
    What has been your favorite dish at the University Center cafeteria?
    by The New School Free Press edited by NiQyira Rajhi 2/26/2015 9:01:19 PM