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[Photo: Reinhard Hunger for Fast Company]

Live Chat: Why Men Should Care About Gender Equality At Work And The Practical Steps They Can Take

Join Leadership editor Kathleen Davis, Ellevate Network chair Sallie Krawcheck and founder of John Brougher on Wednesday December 3rd at 11 a.m. EST for a discussion about men’s roles in inequality at work and why it’s an issue that everyone should care about.

Our current work landscape is far from equal.

The dismal numbers of women in top positions at many companies, the lack of women in Silicon Valley, and the persistent pay gap can seem like insurmountable obstacles.

There is no shortage of advice for women on how to level playing field at work: We should learn to accept criticism, stop apologizing, change our tone of voice, learn how to negotiate, sit at the table, and "lean in," yet still find that elusive work-life balance at the same time.

But what about men? What role should they play in realizing a more equitable workplace of the future? And how does workplace equality benefit everyone?

To help answer these questions, we’ll talk to financial services executive Sallie Krawcheck, manager of Ellevate Network, an organization of 30,000 professional women, and John Brougher, the former chief technology officer for the Wendy Davis for Governor campaign and the founder of