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Live Chat: What Does It Take To Score A Super Bowl (Ad) Touchdown?

An all-star lineup chats with Co.Create editor Teressa Iezzi as we pre-game before one of the biggest advertising events of the year: the Super Bowl! Join us on Thursday, January 30th at 12pm (ET) for a live Q&A with David Kolbusz, Deputy Executive Creative Director at BBH London; David Matathia, Director of Marketing and Communications for Hyundai; Ram Krishnan, Vice President of Marketing at PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay; Jason DeLand, founding partner, Anomaly; and Matt Britton, founder of MRY.


Even at a record $4 million per slot, commercial time in Super Bowl XLVIII sold out back in December.
As one of the only mass TV audiences left, and the one occasion when audiences actively look forward to TV ads, the Super Bowl is clearly still a big draw for brands.

More and more, marketers are using the game as a focal point of larger creative campaigns, releasing bespoke content before the game and complementing spots with social outreach (and, as we’ve seen,
sometimes it’s the timely tweet that beats the big spot in terms of Monday-morning awareness).

So, what makes the game worth the energy and investment? What goes into a Super Bowl strategy? How have brands benefited from creating pre-game content? What’s the key to a social or mobile play?

Find out the answers to these and other questions--and get insight into some of this year’s most interesting ads--during our Super Bowl live chat. Spurred by our questions--and yours--our panel of experts will address many of the issues around creating and distributing a successful Super Bowl campaign. Get your questions in ahead of time by using the "Make a comment" box below!
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