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Innovation Uncensored San Francisco: A Q&A With Scott Greenberg, CEO & Cofounder of Bento Box Entertainment

Join Co.Create's Joe Berkowitz at 12:30 EST on Monday, November 4 for a live chat with Scott Greenberg, the CEO and cofounder of interactive storytelling company Bento Box Entertainment.

You might not have Scott Greenberg’s name on your radar, but you probably know his work. Greenberg is the CEO and cofounder of Bento Box, an independent studio that’s quickly become the top name in prime-time cartoons.

"Bob's Burgers"
by Joel Arbaje

Greenberg brought a lot of animation experience to his current position; as the former CEO of Film Roman, he once oversaw the animation house behind "The Simpsons", "King of the Hill", and other animated shows. He’s not only helping to create successful show’s like "Bob’s Burgers" for Fox or "Brickleberry" for Comedy Central--his full-service company is revolutionizing the way these shows are made. Bento Box animators, for instance, draw their storyboards directly on tablet screens, reducing the time the shows take to produce.

Greenberg’s company is innovative in other ways, too. With Seth Meyers’ "The Awesomes", Bento Box has demonstrated that original animated programming can work on Hulu. (The show has been renewed for a second season.) The studio has also branched out into multi-platform storytelling, creating successful interactive apps for the likes of Alicia Keys and others. It’s no wonder the scrappy animation company has grown into a $20 million-plus-a-year business.

Today, Greenberg joins us to discuss Bento Box’s mission, how he’s worked to make it a success, and why. You can start submitting your questions ahead of time by using the "Make a comment" box below. And be sure to sign up for Fast Company's Innovation Uncensored Conference in San Francisco this week--Greenberg is just one of the many forward-thinking changemakers who will be in attendance.

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