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Innovation Uncensored San Francisco 2014

  • Fast Company's executive editor Noah Robischon with Google Ventures managing partner Bill Maris

    What's next for Google Ventures?

    More bets in health care startups, said Google Ventures managing partner Bill Maris in a conversation with Fast Company's executive editor Noah Robischon.

    "Now we have no doubt that we have the tools to detect diseases and treat diseases," he said. "What you'll see over the next 15 to 20 years is a complete tidal change. ... It was probably unimaginable that in 1939 when penicillin came along that you could take a pill and instead of dying, could not die."

    That tidal wave has been brought on by the Human Genome Project and advances in DNA sequencing. "Basically, [genetics] is the software that makes the body run," he said.

    The proliferation of sensors on phones will also have major implications on health care, especially with increased sensitivity of health care tests. 

    "Every treatment of disease starts with diagnostics," he said. "We know if someone has Ebola, we can test and find out very quickly if they do."
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