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Innovation By Design 2014: A Q&A With Mapdwell's Eduardo Berlin

Join us for one of several live Q&As leading up to our Innovation By Design Conference, hosted by Co.Design associate editor Shaunacy Ferro. This event begins at 10 a.m. ET on Monday, October 13th.

Mapdwell Solar System By Mapdwell 
Eduardo Berlin is the cofounder of Mapdwell, an MIT-born startup that helps communities harness solar power. Mapdwell's Solar System platform, which maps out the economic costs and benefits of solar roofing block by block, is a finalist in this year's Innovation by Design Awards.  

Berlin previously founded MoDe Studio, a real estate design and consulting firm based in Boston. 

He's looking forward to answering your questions about solar energy, mapping complex data sets, and more. To submit a question, use the "Make a comment!" box below.