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How to Disrupt the Music Industry: A Conversation with Jared Leto

Join Fast Company and Jared Leto on Thursday, May 24th at 3:30pm E.T. for a live chat with the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman and leader in digital concert innovation

Photo:  Benjamin Lowy

Jared Leto has a posse. In fact, they're so loyal they make him seem like a cult leader. There's the million or so who remember him as the actor in Fight ClubRequiem For A Dream, or even My So Called Life, way back when. A few million more know him as a bona fide rock star, the singer/guitarist in Thirty Seconds To Mars. To us, he's an innovator. 

Having reinvented himself a few dozen times, he clearly feels the occasional need to destroy something beautiful. And it's his knack for creative destruction that earned him a spot as one of our 100 Most Creative People 2012. He joins us today to talk about the three businesses he's hatched, all of which have a shot at shaking up entertainment as we know it. The One & Only Golden Tickets is a Willy Wonka approach to online concerts, offering all access to digital VIPs. His digital ticketing business, VyRT, is the more like the general admission component--don't call either sophisticated service "streaming," though. On the artist side, he's forged The Hive, a powerful social media consultancy based on best practices he picked up with his own band and their rabid social followers. 

Below is the transcript of Leto's live chat with Fast Company readers on May 24th.

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