• 04.07.14

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How To Get Ketchup Out Of The Bottle: A Q&A With LiquiGlide's Carsten Boers

MIT-developed lubricant LiquiGlide makes anything--syrup, ketchup, paint--slide right out of the bottle so you don't waste a drop. Join Fast Company's Austin Carr as he talks to the company's president, Carsten Boers, on Wednesday, February 5th at 1pm ET.

by Anjali Mullany
When we first caught up with LiquiGlide, its team of MIT scientists had developed a “super slippery” coating that could be applied to ketchup packaging, so we no longer had to violently shake that bottle of Heinz in order to get the condiment out onto our fries. At the time, it might’ve seemed like an over-the-top solution to a minor inconvenience, but the team’s ambition was much greater: It estimated the coating could eliminate roughly one million tons of food waste every year.

Now, the startup is taking LiquiGlide one step further, developing the coating for a range applications, from lotion and toothpaste tubes to paint canisters and oil pipelines.   

Join us on Wednesday as we talk with LiquiGlide president Carsten Boers about LiquiGlide's potential. You can start submitting your questions using the "Make a comment" box below.

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