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A Q&A With Udacity's Pioneering CEO Sebastian Thrun

Join the discussion with Fast Company writer Max Chafkin and Udacity's Sebastian Thrun on Tuesday, December 3rd at 3pm (ET). Thrun will be answering your questions--submit them now using the "Make a comment" box below!

Sebastian Thrun 
In 2011, Sebastian Thrun ignited an education revolution when he offered to let anyone in the world take his Stanford University class on artificial intelligence for free. At the time Thrun was arguably the world's foremost expert in the field--his robotic car won the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge and he founded Google X, the secretive research lab responsible for Google's self driving car and Google Glass--and his class quickly attracted hundreds of thousands of students. 

Thrun eventually left his job at Google to launch Udacity, an online education start-up that as of this fall had educated some 1.6 million students. Some think the company--and others like it--could ultimately replace traditional college education for many students, while helping to arrest skyrocketing tuition prices. 

As reported in
Fast Company's December/January feature story, Thrun has recently turned his attention to improving completion rates, a problem that has plagued companies that provide these so-called Massive Online Open Courses, or MOOCs, and partnering with large tech companies to offer courses in hot subjects like big data and mobile web development. He has also emerged as one of the most important voices in the debate about the future of education. 

He'll be with us right here, starting at 3 p.
m. (ET) on December 3rd. You can submit your questions ahead of time using the box below.
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