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[Photo: Reinhard Hunger for Fast Company]

Most Creative People 2014: A Q&A With The Designers Of Dropbox

Join Co.Design's Mark Wilson for a live conversation with the designers of Dropbox. This event will start at 1pm EST on Friday, June 6th.

You probably have it on your computer. And your work computer. And your phone. And maybe your tablet, too. We're talking about Dropbox, the ubiquitous file sharing solution used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

The technology is superb, yes, but it’s the design that makes Dropbox approachable for anyone. And so it should be no surprise that Dropbox has such impressive design team.

We’ll be talking to their all-star design team, three of this year's Most Creative People in Business: Soleio Cuervo (who invented the Facebook "like" button), Tim Van Damme (the former lead designer at Instagram), and Gentry Underwood (who founded the email client Mailbox--which was acquired by Dropbox last year) about designing and developing a hit product.

Submit your questions ahead of time using the "Make a comment" box below. We'll begin the discussion promptly at 1pm EST on June 6th.

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