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A Q&A With Salman Khan, Founder Of Khan Academy

Join the education innovator this Thursday, November 21st at 11am (Eastern) for a live Q&A -- submit your questions ahead of time using the "Make a comment" box below!

Sal Khan is a former hedge fund-analyst whose attempt to tutor his young cousins in math over YouTube started an accidental revolution with a simple mission: "to deliver a world-class education to anyone anywhere." He's answering your questions about the future of education this Thursday at 11:00am (Eastern). 


Khan Academy
features over 5,000 free instructional videos on a wide range of topics. 4 million exercises are completed on the site's adaptive coaching platform every day. 

Founder Salman Khan has been credited with popularizing the term "the flipped classroom" --  but during our live event this Thursday, we'll talk about why that term doesn't capture the complexity of harnessing technology to best serve students. 

We'll also discuss Khan Academy's use of cutting-edge data analytics -- including one hack that boosted students' performance by 5% -- and the human side of blended learning. 

To submit your questions for Sal, use the "Make A Comment" box below. He will join us live at 11 am. E.T. on Thursday, November 21st. See you then!

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